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EO Executives – Partner Report (PDF)

How to Successfully Set Up Your Own Business as an Executive Search Consultant

Dive Into the Executive Search Field With a Focus on Rewarding Self-Employment and Partnership: 

  • Discover the appeal of becoming a self-employed Executive Search Consultant in today's market

  • Understand the key challenges you may be facing: Market positioning, skills gaps, lack of time etc.

  • Learn about EO Executives' rise to a top executive search firm and interim management provider

  • Explore what being a Partner at EO Executives offers: Success, support, growth and more
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56 Pages PDF Report 

For Whom Is This Report?

Experienced Executives


With extensive industry knowledge and people skills, you are considering a career as an executive search consultant. You want to leave the corporate world and enjoy the benefits of being self-employed.

Self-Employed Consultants


You are looking for a professional environment as it can be difficult to assert yourself against competitors on your own. You would like to experience a collegial exchange and real teamwork instead of being alone.

Employed Consultants


You keep thinking about becoming self-employed, gaining more scope of action and earning more money. You know your strengths and what makes you successful. But you want to invest your time in your own business.

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Exclusive Insights into the Report

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Get precise guidance on how to start and scale your Executive Search Business. Permanently. Success-orientated. Customised.

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Why is Being an Executive Search Consultant So Appealing?


Navigating Companies Through Storms
The role of an executive search consultant is highly appealing, especially during periods of social and economic upheaval, as their expertise in selecting adept managers is crucial for companies navigating through turbulent times.


The Impact of Executive Search Consultants
Executive search consultants play a pivotal role in shaping the management teams of companies, offering critical advisory services that directly impact a company’s competitiveness. Their work in assembling outstanding management teams is integral to a company’s success.


Bridging the Generational Gap
The generational change, with baby boomers retiring from management roles, presents a significant challenge for companies. This scenario, characterized by high demand for future managers against a lower supply, creates a substantial opportunity for executive search consultants to bridge this gap.


The Urgent Call for Professionalism in Executive Search
Despite the importance of their role, the title of 'executive search consultant' is not officially protected, leading to variability in the quality of service. Professionals entering this field often find opportunities for improvement, highlighting the need for expertise and professionalism within the industry.


Career Catalysts and Personal Advisors
Executive search consultants are key in guiding career changes, serving as advisors to align career goals with managerial roles. This vital role in the job market, amplified by a generational shift in the consultancy sector, opens prime opportunities for new entrants.

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Discover the Path to Success in Executive Search

This comprehensive report reveals how executive search consultants not only shape the future of organizations by identifying and placing top managerial talent but also serve as crucial career advisors.

This report is 100% free of charge. 

30+ Experts Can't Be Wrong

See for yourself how our Partners achieved success with our expert guidance:


"Before joining EO, I was a Managing Director in an international technology company. Today, as a partner of EO Executives, I have a good work-life balance and a good income. My business is stable and I have many loyal clients whom I serve on a long-term basis."

Olaf Schnell – Partner since 2011
Field of Expertise: Automotive


"Over the past eight years, I have been able to realise exactly what motivated me to choose EO in the first place. I work with many of my clients on a long-term basis. The exchange with my partner colleagues is enriching and they always help me when I find myself in a special situation. Working with EO truly is purpose driven work with a healthy balance!"

Oliver J. Peters – Partner since 2015
Field of Expertise: Healthcare & LifeSciences


"One of my main motives for the partnership with EO was my dream to work independently while utilising existing structures and processes. Being effective and winning clients and candidates after just a few weeks was one of the most important experiences I had when I joined EO. Things couldn't be better!"

Klaas Koolman – Partner since 2022
Field of Expertise: Consumer & Retail

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EO Executives – Partner Report (PDF)

Learn How to Successfully Set Up Your Own Business as a Self-Employed Executive Search Consultant

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Stephan H. Aschenbrenner

Owner & CEO of EO Executives

Stephan Aschenbrenner Portrait

Stephan used to work in large international companies as an employed executive. He loved all the benefits and the “security” such firms could provide him. Then the dotcom bubble burst, the world went into recession, and him and his wife found themselves unemployed at the same time.

This was the time he decided to change his career and Stephan started his first company. In the following 10 years, Stephan and his team helped more than 2.000 entrepreneurs to find their right business idea and actually get started. During the financial crisis 2009 he started EO Executives in Germany and within 4 years had built it into one of the TOP 50 Executive Search Firms in Germany.

In 2016 he became CEO of EO International and in 2019 he became owner of the EO Group. Stephan is a certified business coach and during the Covid Crisis he became partner in the biggest business coaching network worldwide.

Connect on LinkedIn: Stephan H. Aschenbrenner