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30+ Executive Search Partners

Join EO Executives as a Partner

Leverage the synergies of our partnership for your own success as a self-employed executive search or interim management consultant. 

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Your Future in Executive Search Consulting


Experienced Executives

With extensive industry knowledge and people skills, you are considering a business career in executive search.

You have experience in sales, and you enjoy convincing people of your cause and offering them good solutions. Promoting people and enhancing their professional development is one of your specialities. Leading others to success has always been your goal as a manager.


Self-Employed Consultants

As a self-employed entrepreneur – alone or in partnership – you feel the desire for change.

You are looking for a professional environment with room for your own ideas, as it may be difficult to assert yourself against larger competitors on your own. You would like to experience a collegial exchange and real teamwork instead of being alone for yet another year.


Employed Consultants

You are a professional search consultant and keep thinking about becoming self-employed.

In a market that is becoming increasingly consolidated both nationally and internationally, you do not see your future in struggling alone. At the same time, you want to maintain a good balance between the potential risks of self-employment and the prospects of success.

Find Out What Being a Partner at EO Means

How can you enjoy all the benefits of being self-employed while building a rewarding business as an executive search partner?

Get the best answers in our comprehensive report. Learn from more than 20 years of experience in executive search, which will guide you step by step through every stage of your journey. 

The report is 56 pages (PDF) and  the download is free of charge.

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Become a Partner at EO Executives

Your Safe and Profitable Business Opportunity for the Next 10+ Years

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Find out how you can best develop your strengths to begin your next professional chapter as a consultant in executive search or interim management:

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Our Focus Is on People

Do you like working with people and enjoy encouraging and supporting others? Then you will find the perfect environment to utilise these strengths for your personal success in executive search or interim management.


Management Positions That Are Critical to Success

As an executive search consultant, you make a significant contribution to the success of your client companies. With your expertise, you support your clients in filling critical management positions and enable them to achieve their goals..


Focus on Candidate Care

You‘ve probably already thought: I could do that better when you‘ve been in contact with a personnel consultant. Appreciative communication and professional behaviour are a matter of course for you. You‘re building a network of good candidates for key positions
and maintaining long-term contacts. You know that candidates become clients and clients become candidates.


Success Through Specialisation

To realise your full potential, you focus on the market segments and functional areas where you can deliver real value based on your
personal expertise. With your experience and know-how, it‘s easy for you to develop your special field, which will help you to establish yourself as a reputable consultant.


Client Focus and Excellence

You always work in close dialogue with your clients, candidates and colleagues. In doing so, you always keep the entire client company in view. You aim to become the sole or preferred consultant for each client. You utilise the expertise of your colleagues for joint search mandates in areas which you are not familiar with.


Trusted Advisor

As an executive search consultant, you are an important advisor for your clients. Your contacts are primarily managing directors and board
members, who build up their management team with your help. You have a portfolio of different services and tools that you can offer to your clients in order to fulfil your role as a successful consultant.

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About EO Executives


EO Executives was founded in 1997 and is now present in seven countries worldwide with more than 30 locations. We fill positions with both permanent executives and experts as well as quickly available interim managers for temporary assignments and projects. In addition, we support our clients with further consulting services in the areas of executive search, interim management and leadership development.

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Executive Search & Interim Management

More Than


Contacts in the Senior Executive Network



Of all Placements Still Active After 1 Year

More Than


Clients Worldwide in the Last 20 Years


International. Multi-Award-Winning. Loved by Top-Class Clients.

Success in companies is made by people. Executives play a particularly important role in this. Our mission is to help our clients build the best leadership team they have ever had.

To do this, we bring together our clients with consultants who are highly individual and have specific knowledge. Our consultants are experts in their respective industries and functional areas.

Because our consultants have such a high level of expertise, we ensure that success-critical leadership positions are filled quickly, permanently and successfully.


From left to right: Patric Kistner (Head of Operations), Stephan H. Aschenbrenner (Owner and CEO of EO Executives) and Christian Wulff (Former Federal President of Germany)

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What You Can Expect as a Partner of EO Executives


Deciding on your income:
You enjoy a highly attractive and secure income. You decide when and to what extent you want to grow or scale.


Benefit from a strong community:
You are independent, but never alone! You
belong to an international team of committed and dedicated consultants and are part of a well-positioned, growing brand.


Benefit from teamwork: Many of our partners belong to industry clusters. In
these clusters, a team of consultants work together to become one of the top 10
consultancies in that industry.


You do what you enjoy: You work with people, you win new clients and you deliver added value. Your goal is to always find the best solution for your clients, either by overseeing mandates yourself or by calling in colleagues who are experts on the matter.


The Freedom of Self-Employment and the Support of a Strong Community

Decide on your own income and scale according to your wishes. Become a partner at EO Executives and get off to a successful start as an executive search consultant.

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The 7 Levels of Executive Search Business

Entrepreneurial activity as an executive search consultant offers ideal development prospects and several career options to choose from. It is up to you to decide which level you want to reach, and when you want to reach it!



These are the weeks and months before the actual start of your self-employment or before you switch to EO. We support you in preparing for your new role. This will save you an enormous amount of time when you actually start.



In this phase, we support you with our top-class onboarding, training and coaching. You will learn everything you need to know in your new role in order to quickly achieve your first mandates, placements and income.



At this level, you are a professional at your job and have mastered your business. You have good relationships with clients and candidates, which you are constantly expanding. Your gross income is between €300,000 and €500,000 per year.



You want to achieve more! Your own employees support your business so
that you have more time for your clients and candidates. At this level, you can achieve a
gross income between €450,000 and up to one million.



You want to build up your own team of consultants. This is the supreme discipline
for executive search consultants with professional experience! EO offers you a unique
growth model, with which you can achieve a gross income of two to four million euros.



At this level, you have your own team of skilled consultants and can
decide how long and how actively you want to keep working in your company. You aim to
gradually withdraw from the day-to-day business.



You want to sell your company. Now, you can reap what you have sown in stages
five and six. The sale of your consultancy gives you the start-up capital for the next
company, or the financial resources for a comfortable retirement.

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What Our Partners Value About EO

Discover the motivations and goals that have encouraged our partners at EO to step into self-employment and become part of an innovative partner organisation. 

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Olaf Schnell

Partner since 2011

Field of Expertise:
Automotive, Automotive Suppliers (Tier 1 and 2), Metal and Plastics Processing

Before joining EO, I was a managing director at an international corporation in the technology and personnel services sector.”

My Motivation to start at EO:

My motivation was to leave my previous employer. It was difficult to find a new job that matched my expectations while staying in an employee‘s position. That‘s why I looked into self-employment and came into contact with Stephan H. Aschenbrenner and EO.

My current situation at EO:

Today, I have a good work-life balance and a good income. My business is stable, and I have many loyal clients I support on a long-term basis.

What I like about the partnership with EO:

In 2011, EO was not yet known in the market; nevertheless, I managed to quickly gain a foothold and establish myself. Initially, this was only possible by driving existing players out of the market. I was successful in this due to the fresh image, good systems and effective processes of EO.

EO helped me with acquisition techniques as well as learning the business. EO‘s on-the-job training was enormously helpful for me, as was the structure the training followed. Furthermore, EO is always available for any questions and even provides direct support, e.g. during client visits.

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Oliver J. Peters

Partner since 2015

Field of Expertise:
Medical Technology, Pharma and Biotech

Before joining EO, I was a manager and authorised signatory in an international technology consulting group.

My Motivation to start at EO:

Professionally, I was motivated by the opportunity to make a positive long-term contribution to the development of my clients‘ businesses and to help improve my candidates‘ lives. On a personal level, the EO
team impressed me with its structured and friendly approach.

My current situation at EO:

Over the past eight years, I have been able to realise exactly what motivated me to choose EO in the first place. I work with many of my
clients on a long-term basis, sometimes for years. I really enjoy this intensive and goal-orientated cooperation; my working hours are very focused on delivering solutions and the progress of the project.

This may not have reduced the number of my working hours, but they are much more pleasantly distributed and feel more fulfilling. The exchange with my partner colleagues is enriching and they always help me when I find myself in a special situation. Working with EO truly is purpose driven work with a healthy balance!

What I like about the partnership with EO:

The unagitated and focussed cooperation. The unpretentious sharing of information and experiences. The positive mindset and the lack of unnecessary reporting routines. Great partner colleagues and a reliable central organisation!

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Thomas Kollmar

Partner since 2021

Field of Expertise:
Automation & Robotics

Before joining EO, I was CEO of an international automation and robotics company.

My Motivation to start at EO:

I had wanted to start my own business in the field of personnel consulting/coaching for some time and was looking for a renowned and professional consultancy. I found both at EO.

My current situation at EO:

I have been able to build up my own network of clients and candidates. I have also found a job that I enjoy. I can contribute my knowledge to advise and connect people. Due to my own experience, I know that the EO business model works. I appreciate that I can make my own decisions and organise my working day and my business as I see fit.

What I like about the partnership with EO:

I like the partnership spirit, the professionalism, the quality of results and the cooperation within EO. During the first few months of my job as a consultant, I received several weeks of extensive training and comprehensive support from an experienced coach.

Today, I still consult with my coach and other partners daily. My coach is available to me anytime to help with specific questions about my day-to-day work. Additionally, I am in regular contact with the CEO of EO for answers to strategic questions.

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Jörg Schoening

Partner since 2022

Field of Expertise:
Consumer & Retail

Before joining EO, I was a managing director in the consumer goods industry.

My Motivation to start at EO:

I was intrigued by the prospect of being self-employed without having to act completely alone. Regarding my expertise, I was interested in using my industry knowledge together with my coaching training to successfully develop my business as an EO partner.

My current situation at EO:

I got to know numerous new contacts in the industry and, through any discussions, was able to develop a stable basis for talks with potential clients or candidates. I managed to quickly generate my first mandates and go through the entire process, including contract, research and placement.

What I like about the partnership with EO:

Although the partners at EO all operate independently in the market, there is an extremely high level of cooperation and support between the partners. This is particularly important to me, since it means that even after the training sessions, there is always the possibility to ask questions or discuss specific topics together.

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Klaas Koolman

Partner since 2022

Field of Expertise:
Consumer & Retail

Before joining EO, after many years in responsible positions at a large consumer electronics brand, I founded and managed a company for organic food.”

My Motivation to start at EO:

One of my main motives for the partnership with EO Executives was my dream to work independently as an entrepreneurial search consultant, while utilising existing structures and processes.

My current situation at EO:

Being effective after just a few weeks was one of the most important experiences I had when I joined EO Executives as an independent
partner. I could quickly familiarise myself with my new role, and almost immediately had the impression that I was positively impacting my clients and candidates.

What I like about the partnership with EO:

EO offers each individual partner the freedom to operate independently as an executive search consultancy, while acting within the framework of a strong organisation. At EO Executives, a structured and professional
onboarding is provided for new partners. This ensures that partners have a quick and effective start within the partnership. The relationship
between the individual partners is professional and collegial, and a positive and proactive mindset characterises our collaboration.

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Become a Partner at EO Executives

Where Experience Meets Innovation

Unleash your potential in a team of experts: become part of our success story and benefit from our strong network.

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Reaching out to EO

EO Executives has more than 25 years of experience, sales in the 8-digit range, and several thousand successful placements. Reach out and begin the conversation with us today!

Stephan Aschenbrenner Circle

Stephan H. Aschenbrenner
Owner and CEO,
Certified Business Coach



Patric Kistner
Head of Operations,
Partner Training & Development



Ünal Kaya
Group Marketing,
Partner Development



Marcus Kunkel
Partner & Cluster Leader,
Consumer & Retail



Matthias Ludwig
Partner & Cluster Leader,
Digital Technologies



Andreas Weis
Partner & Cluster Leader,



Christian Hener
Partner & Country Leader,
EO Executives Austria



Dan Trapp
Partner & Cluster Leader,
Sports & Outdoor Global



Eric Teston
Partner & Cluster Leader,
Digital Technologies France



Mads Transel
Partner & Country Leader,
EO Executives Denmark


Let‘s talk

Become a Partner at EO Executives: Find out how you can best develop your strengths to begin your next professional chapter as an executive search or interim management consultant.

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Be Successful from the Get-Go

How to achieve your first sales as an executive search consultant quickly and predictably

Preparation & Onboarding
Prepare your optimal start with us and quickly generate your first sales.

Training & Coaching
Our training will teach you everything you need to know within a few weeks. Our coaching programme supports you in the implementation of your knowledge.
Brand & Marketing
Utilise the reputation and strength of an established executive search consultancy to improve your position in the market.
IT & Infrastructure
Our IT systems reduce your workload and simplify the processes of executive search consulting. This allows you to focus entirely on your clients.
Database, CRM & ATS
You will find more than 110,000 managers you can contact directly in our database.
Team & Support
Take advantage of all opportunities for exchange and teamwork within the partnership.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will I be able to earn?

Being a consultant at the executive search level can be highly lucrative. Of course, your results depend on your own actions. We cannot give you any guarantees for your success. As a partner at the Professional level (cf. the 7 steps of being a self-employed consultant), you can achieve a profit of €200,000 to €300,000; at levels Leverage or Team you can achieve more. 

How long does it take until I earn money as an EO partner?

In our experience, you will win your first mandates within 3 to 6 months. During these first few months, you will have to pre-finance the costs for training and coaching (if you are a career changer) as well as your own
operating costs. You should have €25,000 in start-up capital available for this. If necessary, start-up consultants will support you in getting these funds.

Can I be a part-time partner at EO?

No, you can‘t. All our partners are full-time consultants and rely on their work at EO as their main source of income. This is the only way to conduct executive search professionally. Smaller side-jobs as a consultant, advisory council member, or supervisory board member are possible, as are non-operational shareholdings in other companies. Our condition for such set-ups is, however, that they are not in competition with EO.

Where can I work from?

Before Covid-19, prestigious office locations were common in consulting. That has changed. Most EO partners now work from home, and it is possible for you to spend longer periods abroad. However, we expect our partners to have an address that represents them. If you‘re not renting an office, an address can be provided by a business centre or club.

What does partnership mean in concrete terms?

Our partners are independent consultants who focus on their task at EO Executives permanently and full-time. On a legal level, they are linked to EO by our partner agreement, in which we define together how to cooperate on a long-term basis, rights and obligations, and who will bear which costs.

There is already an EO partner in my industry. Is that a problem?

Not at all! This is often an advantage because it enables you to develop your market together. We see cooperation with others as an opportunity, not a threat. Of course, we have rules and standards for such cooperation to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Executive search or interim management – which suits me better?

Both executive search and interim management are about helping companies build their best possible management team. Usually, the requirements in the field of interim management are faster (We need someone now!) or more in-depth than in an executive search (What is the real problem and how can an interim manager help solve it?).

How do I attract candidates?

There are various ways to do this, all of which we will teach you in our training programme. Whether you use social sourcing via LinkedIn/Xing, our database, job advertisements, or the direct approach: all EO partners have access to more than 110,000 candidate profiles. If required, you can also use specialised researchers.

What does the decision-making process leading up to an EO partnership look like?

We want our partners to be successful in the long term and enjoy their new role. That is why we take a lot of time for a careful selection. If we have any doubts about your future success as an EO partner, we will decide against a partnership – primarily for your own benefit.

Usually, the decision-making process plays out as follows:

  1. You provide us with initial information about yourself. This information helps us in an initial assessment of whether a partnership could be a good fit. 

  2. In our initial consultation via video call, important questions are clarified to determine whether detailed discussions are useful and desired on both sides.

  3. In the subsequent detailed video call, we will get to know you better, and you will gain a comprehensive insight into EO‘s partner model.

  4. During the toolbox tour, we will show you in detail how we work and the software solutions we use. You will gain a better understanding of how our systems can support you in the future.

  5. Now is the time for you to get to know existing partners as well as employees at head office and obtain information about their experiences. We at EO get to know you better and better during this phase.

  6. By now, you will know whether EO Executives could be right for you, and we, in turn, have also got to know you in many different situations. Both sides decide whether to continue the discussions.

  7. You will receive a detailed pre-contractual information document and the partner contract from us for review. 

  8. As part of the discussion about the contract, we answer your questions and define the details, such as the start date and area of expertise.

  9. Both parties sign the partnership agreement. If you require financing, we will put you in touch with a financial advisor. This advisor will check the financial feasibility of your plan.

  10. Four weeks before the start of your contract, you enter the preboarding phase, a structured process during which you prepare for the official start of your new role.

Can I start as a Partner at EO Executives at any time?

We accept new partners four times a year, offering our onboarding training at the beginning of each quarter. You should allow 6 to 8 weeks for the decision-making process described above.

Do you have any other questions?


Successful Partnerships Set Us Apart from Others

Cooperating with our partners is the basis of our success. If you are interested in becoming a partner at EO, I look forward to meeting you!

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